The Dangers German Cockroaches Bring To Your Baton Rouge Home  

May 15, 2020

German cockroaches are the most common species of cockroach that will plague the home of Baton Rouge residents, but the threat they pose to your home and health is most likely something you’re not paying enough attention. If you understand the facts about how detrimental cockroaches are to your home and health, you’d start to make more of an effort to prevent and eradicate cockroach infestations.

a german cockroach crawling in a basement

Recognizing German Cockroaches

These pests can be identified by their light brown to tan color. They also have two stripes on their backs and are around ½” long. They do have wings, but running is their preferred method of getting around. They love the warm, humid climates like Baton Rouge, and they thrive when they are close to consistent sources of food and areas of high moisture. That’s why you’ll find them in large kitchens behind refrigerators and other appliances.
Since these cockroaches can pose so many threats to your home and health, it’s important to also identify signs of infestation. Knowing the signs might be more important than identifying the pest itself because German cockroaches are mostly active at night. These signs include small, dark droppings and dark spots or smears in the corners of rooms. You see, cockroaches leave a trail of fecal stains behind where they crawl around, so you’ll notice this in any entryways they might be trying to squeeze through in the walls. This fecal matter causes a faint, musty odor when there is a large infestation.

More Dangerous Than Biting Insects

Although German cockroaches don’t typically bite, they are incredibly dangerous to you and your family’s general health. First of all, constantly being on edge knowing you’ll see roaches dart into the corners of the room is devastating to your peace of mind and comfort at home. More concerningly, however, is the German cockroach’s unparalleled ability to spread diseases. Unfortunately, when they’re not infiltrating homes, these pests hang out in sewers, garbage, excrement, and carrion, picking up dangerous pathogens that they can easily spread to your eating and food-prep surfaces. Along with diseases like salmonella and E.coli, the pathogens they carry can also trigger asthma and allergy issues. While roaches make your skin crawl if you see them, they actually can do far worse without even coming into contact with your body.

Guaranteed Protection

Since they carry such significant health risks, it’s important to reduce your chances of incurring an infestation as much as possible. The best thing you can do to protect your home from attracting German cockroaches is to practice strict cleaning routines. This includes vacuuming regularly, cleaning up crumbs, immediately attending to spilled liquids or leaking faucets/pipes, and keeping the dishes from piling up in the sink. You also need to be sure to properly dispose of or store all food tightly and securely. If roaches have access to your trash, they will keep coming back for more, and once they find food, German cockroaches will stick around for a while. Infestations have a chance to get a foothold quickly because of the rapid rate of German cockroach reproduction.
You can keep a very clean home and still be at risk for an infestation, so the only surefire way to protect your Baton Rough home and the health of your family from this dangerous pest is to get professional protection. When done correctly, pest control is the only guarantee to avoiding infestation, and no one in Baton Rouge does it better than Pelican Pest Control. Their friendly pest technicians will provide monthly or quarterly treatments based on your schedule and needs in order to prevent German cockroaches from putting your health and peace of mind at risk. And if you already notice signs of an infestation, their eradication methods will get these pests out of your hair (and your kitchen) in no time.

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