Why Is It So Hard To Get Fire Ants Out Of My Baton Rouge Yard?

June 15, 2020

Baton Rouge has some intense summers – hot weather, high humidity, and lots of insects. Louisiana residents have gotten used to the heat, but if there’s one thing they should always be worried about, it’s fire ants.
Fire ants are aggressive, attack in swarms, and their bites pack a whole lot of heat. Are you dealing with a fire ant infestation and struggling to kick them out? Find out why these pests are so difficult to remove from your Baton Rouge home.

fire ants on the ground

Fire Ant Identification Guide

Fire ants look like their name suggests. Like other ants, these pests have segmented bodies composed of a head, a thorax (midsection), and an abdomen (larger end section). Fire ants have six legs which grow from the thorax, two short antennae, and two pincers near the mouth.

Two traits make fire ants notably different from other ant species. First, they have a short stinger at the end of their abdomen. Though not pronounced, this stinger can cause real pain to any of an ant’s victims. Its poison often incapacitates other insects and even some rodents and wildlife. Second, fire ants are a distinct reddish-brown color, making them stand out even from a distance. If you see a bunch of ants swarming angrily, you’ve got yourself the insect version of a fire.

Why Fire Ants Are Dangerous

Fire ants don’t have enough venom to severely incapacitate a human, but make no mistake: these pests are still dangerous. These aggressive insects are always ready for a fight. If they sense danger nearby, they’ll swarm around their perceived opponent and sting repeatedly. Fire ant stings result in painful welts that can take over a week to heal. If several ants sting your legs or arms repeatedly, it can be near-impossible to leave those welts alone.

Most people only develop a painful sore at the site of fire ant stings, but some also have an allergic reaction to the venom. These people can feel nauseous or dizzy in response to ant stings. In more severe cases, they experience trouble breathing or go through anaphylactic shock. Even worse, people tend to lose their resistance to fire ant stings over time, meaning if you aren’t allergic now, you could be after a few brush ups with fire ants.

With tens of thousands of fire ants in a single colony ready to attack, these invasive pests should not be ignored.

Why It Is So Hard To Get Rid Of Fire Ants

Fire ants are hard to remove for two reasons. First, since their stings are so dangerous, getting up close is not an option unless you’re properly protected. Second, these ants are quick colony builders. If you disrupt their colony, they simply disperse and build another one nearby. Sometimes, they’ll split into multiple colonies so that, if one colony goes down, two go up.

A fire ant queen can lay up to 1,000 eggs per day. Now, imagine that there are two or three different colonies, each with their own queen. See how a fire ant problem can spiral quickly? With the queen so well protected and so many ants ready to rebuild, removing a fire ant nest on your own simply isn’t feasible – the problem is sure to get worse.

The best way to handle a fire ant infestation is to let the professionals handle it. DIY methods of ant removal place you and your family in danger, inviting aggressive ant stings and new colonies around your Baton Rouge home. These ants are already pushing out the other insects and wildlife, potentially ruining the health of your lawn – why take the risk?

The pest control experts at Pelican Pest Control are here to help. If you’re experiencing fire ant troubles, reach out today, and we’ll push the infestation out and keep these pests from returning. Let us ensure the health and safety of your house and family for the rest of the summer – and many summers to come. Contact us now!

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