Bed Bug Control

Are Bed Bugs Leaving Their Mark On Your Baton Rouge, LA Home?

If you’ve been waking up with itchy bug bites that weren’t there when you went to bed, you might have a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs can get into any home, and once they do, you'll require professional treatment to get rid of them. Pelican Pest Control provides professional bed bug control services to eliminate your bed bug infestation in its entirety.

Our Bed Bug Control Process

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Determining how large and widespread your bed bug infestation is before performing treatment allows our pest professionals to determine where the bed bugs are and what areas we need to focus on during the treatment. During the inspection, we’ll look at beds, bed frames, headboards, items under beds, baseboards, electrical outlets, dressers, and more. We don’t only look for bed bugs themselves, but also look for any signs of their presence. These signs include droppings, bloodstains, casings, dead bugs, and more.

Upon completion of our inspection, we’ll provide you with a pre-treatment checklist of tasks that you must complete before we return to treat.


We begin treatment by vacuuming to remove bed bugs and casings. We then steam around mattresses, bed frames, and box springs, as well as along any baseboards where we noticed activity during our inspection.

After the steam treatment, we apply a biopesticide to all areas where we identified activity. Depending on the size of the treatment area, we’ll require one to five hours to complete your bed bug treatment. You’ll need to leave your home during the procedure and may not return until four hours after its completion.

We also offer mattress encasements. If you choose this option, we’ll put them on during this service visit.


Fourteen days after your bed bug treatment, we’ll return to your home to re-inspect. If we find any signs of activity, we’ll re-treat your home.

Baton Rouge Bed Bug Control That Works

At Pelican Pest Control, we use a combination of steam and biopesticide treatments to provide our customers with the most effective bed bug control methods available. We understand the stress that bed bugs cause, so we work hard to ensure complete elimination of these biting pests. If you suspect you have a bed bug infestation in your home, contact us today.


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