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Have Uninvited Rodents Moved Into Your Baton Rouge Home?

If you’ve been hearing scratching sounds in your walls or finding tiny black pellets on your countertops, you might have uninvited guests in your house. Rodents are common household pests, but just because they’re common doesn’t mean you should ignore them. When rodents get into your home, they cause serious damage and spread dangerous diseases. Getting rid of a rodent infestation can be tricky, but Pelican Pest Control has the experience to eliminate yours in its entirety.

Our Rodent Control Process

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During our inspection, we look for two main things: where the rodents are nesting, and how they’re getting inside. Once we’ve determined these two things, we’ll develop a treatment plan to target them.


We use several treatment methods to eliminate active rodent infestations and prevent future ones.

First, we’ll place traps and glue boards in the areas inside your house where there is known rodent activity. We’ll also place bait stations in strategic exterior locations.

We also offer minor exclusion work to seal the entry points rodents use to get into your house. By sealing up these areas, we prevent future infestations.


Our rodent control services are available as a monthly plan or on a one-time basis. We’ll work with you to decide which service best meets your needs.

Protecting Your Baton Rouge House From Harmful Rodents

Rodents are one of the most dangerous pests that can get into your house. With the amount of damage they cause to your home and the health risks they pose to your family, it’s important to eliminate an infestation as early as possible. Pelican Pest Control’s rodent control services not only eliminate your active infestations but also prevent future ones from occurring. Contact us to schedule an inspection.


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