The Complete Guide To Spider Control For Baton Rouge Property Owners

August 14, 2020

Very few pests are as feared as the spider. Considering how creepy they look and the fact that some can harm people badly enough to need medical attention, this is understandable. But spiders are beneficial so long as they stay outside of your home. Did you know they eat other insects, which can help manage the pest population in your property? With that being said, the key to spider control for Baton Rouge property owners is understanding spiders. In order to do that, this requires knowing the most common spiders to the Baton Rouge area.

a black widow spider on a web
  • Brown widow spiders: These spiders are distant relatives of the black widow spider. Thanks to the humidity and temperature of Louisiana, these spiders have found their way into people’s homes. They are gray, tan, or brown in color and possess an hourglass shape on their body. The brown version possesses more venom than the black widow, but inject less with their bite. Plus, they’re not known to bite humans unless provoked. They prefer to hide in dark and moist areas of the house when inside.
  • House spiders: These spiders are harmless to humans and are possibly the most common spiders to invade homes in the entire country. They are noted for their yellowish-brown color and dark chevron markings.
  • Black widow spiders: Arguably, the most famous of the spiders. This breed has a shiny black body with thin legs. In addition, they have an hourglass-shaped mark on the underside of their abdomens. Their venom is potent and will require medical attention.
  • Brown recluse spiders: Yellow gray in color, these are spiders that are best left alone. Their bite is toxic for people and is known to cause severe reactions. They are also known as fiddle-back spiders due to the fiddle-shaped pattern on their back.

Fortunately, most spiders are harmless to humans. So long as you keep away from the black widow and brown recluse, you shouldn’t need medical attention.

Spider Prevention

Spiders can make it into a home easily. The reason for this is because if other pests can get inside, then so can spiders. In general, spiders prefer to stick where the food and water are, which means they actually prefer to be outside. However, there are some things to stay on top of so you don’t have a spider infestation on hand. These tips include:

  • Pest prevention is spider prevention: Spiders prey on other pests. If you have a pest infestation in the house, then it’s likely you also have a spider problem. Granted, this means the spiders will help control your pest population for you. However, it’s best if all the pests stay outside where they belong. 
  • Eliminate entry points: Since spiders hunt for prey, they can end up inside by accident. You can keep this from happening by sealing any crack or crevice in the building along the perimeter with silicone caulk.
  • Watch the windows: Compromised window screens are a guaranteed way for spiders to come inside thanks to their climbing abilities. Check for and repair any screens that are damaged to ensure all pests stay outside. 
  • Practice landscaping: Spiders hide in clutter, which applies to the outdoors. Things like woodpiles, leaf piles, and other hiding spots are havens for spiders. Keep everything trimmed down and away from the house to remain protected.

Spider Control with Pelican Pest Control

Keeping the home safe is more than just locking the doors. It’s also about keeping unwanted pests such as spiders outside where they belong. Our team at Pelican Pest Control is ready to get to work on your pest control and pest prevention services as needed. We offer a range of services and programs to ensure you get the best results possible with your spider control.
Do you need spider control services? Give us a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional pest control options, or fill out our online form to schedule your free inspection.

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